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Our Pastor

Dear Parishioners, Community Members, and Worldwide fellow Christians

Welcome to the website of  Horeb SDA Church, the fundamental wells of Brooklyn, NY area and a gateway to your socio spiritual programs. Here you will find evidence of the excellent initiative currently underway in the Church, through the positive vibrancy of our talented young people, the dedication of the administrators, ministerial and departmental teams, caring board members, and committed congregants and you will gain an understanding of our priorities and perspectives. The Horeb SDA Church is one that values the development of each church member, children, youth, and adults

We have dedicated ourselves to the creation of the very best environment that fosters the spiritual, physical, social, personal and academic growth of each church member. Since we are a community oriented organization, we endeavor to do the same in the life of our visitors and friends. Visit us online or in person; make us fell your presence. Join us to give glory to the One who has created the universe with its components. We appreciate your involvement and support.


Church Complex Pastor



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